Mood scores 

Subconscious emotions, feelings and mood with the consumer are crucial factors in deciding the potential and effectiveness of a message in reaching its purpose.

Moodscores uses a method verified by modern behavioral economic research to identify and measure the subconscious emotions evoked by advertisement or other forms of communication. The Moodscores method identifies drivers behind emotional strength and measure three decisive parameters: Ease, Acceptance and Sympathy

Measuring consumer emotions

Moodscores measure emotions, moods and feelings that are desirable for consumers and hence, desirable by brands to be associated with. Results are reported in an useful and actionable report. All types of marketing communication can be measured using Moodscores.

Evolution has equipped humans with the ability to make quick and favorable decisions almost subconsciously. Moodscores uses three research-based parameters to gauge how and which emotions are awakened by what we see.

Facts and a common language

With Moodscores you can test your communication and get detailed insights for which emotions, moods and feelings that consumers experience when they are touched by it. The human path to changes in behavior and attitudes go through emotions, so the more emotions your communication can evoke, the better results it will have.

Moodscores provides teams and decision makers with a common language to use in discussions on creative solutions and in the development of content and communication.


Customer quote on the usefulness on data for emotional strength


  • Provides useful analysis – that can be used immediately without further processing by analytics.
  • Get results fast – standard delivery time is 48 hours.
  • Value for money – a report from Moodscores is only SEK 14,980.
  • Relevant metrics – measures factors that influences attitudes and behavior of value for the brand.
  • Common language for the team– brands, decision makers and agencies. Everyone can interpret and act on the results in a report from Moodscores.
  • Measures all type of marketing solutions – Moodscores can be employed to test anything from traditional ads and tv-spots over concepts to product design.
  • Use before, after or during a campaign  – you can test solutions in any stage of a campaign. To make decisions or to analyze results.
  • Data ready for use – based on research in the field of behavioral economics and translated to actionable insights.

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Moodscores measures the emotional impact and strength for any type of marketing solution. In our standard offer we measure any one of the following: a film of maximum 99 seconds or one image/picture/ad or two to three images/ads as part of a series or one animation without sound or one sound file of maximum 99 seconds.

Results are reported as a pdf presentation containing: Values for overall emotional strength, specific values for the parameters Ease, Acceptance and Sympathy + 43 additional detailed values for emotions, moods and feelings perceived by the consumer.

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