• Provides useful analysis – that can be used immediately without further processing by analytics.
  • Get results fast – standard delivery time is 48 hours.
  • Value for money – a report from Moodscores is only SEK 14,980.
  • Relevant metrics – measures factors that influences attitudes and behavior of value for the brand.
  • Common language for the team– brands, decision makers and agencies. Everyone can interpret and act on the results in a report from Moodscores.
  • Measures all type of marketing solutions – Moodscores can be employed to test anything from traditional ads and tv-spots over concepts to product design.
  • Use before, after or during a campaign  – you can test solutions in any stage of a campaign. To make decisions or to analyze results.
  • Data ready for use – based on research in the field of behavioral economics and translated to actionable insights.